Benchmark experiments for numerical quantum chemistry

We are excited to contribute to BENCh, the DFG-funded research training group on “Benchmark Experiments for Numerical Quantum Chemistry”. Experimental benchmarking is among our favourite research activities. It involves a careful choice of molecular systems to be probed by unique and complementary experimental setups, also in intense cooperation with local and external partners. The goal is to establish firm reference points for the assessment of theoretical methods, carefully avoiding or at least assessing fortuitous error cancellation sources. We like to practice “Vibrational Spectroscopy at the Service of Quantum Chemistry” in the best sense, to make the traditional opposite approach of “Quantum Chemistry at the Service of Vibrational Spectroscopy” even more powerful.

Join us in bringing BENCh forward – as a research student, as a doctoral researcher, as a guest scientist or as a cooperation partner. BENCh is currently looking for new international PhD students with benchmarking spirit, see