List of Written Exams

Several written course exams towards Chemistry Diploma, Bachelor and Master degrees are published on this website. The 3-hour, topical exams assemble and encode the contents of the respective course under a common theme (inspired by M. Quack). By publishing the exams, we hope to encourage students to prepare for their exams and test their knowledge using “real” former examples.

This is a chronological summary of our exams, ordered by lecture topic. The exams were mostly authored by M. Suhm and are primarily written in German. They range from straightforward molecule-based topics to more exotic, sometimes allegorical examples. They include a mix of simple and more advanced tasks, of calculus and understanding, of facts and opinions.

Some of them might be enjoyed more after the exam than while taking it ...

Schwingungsspektroskopie und zwischenmolekulare Dynamik

Einführung in die Physikalische Chemie (B.Che.1301)

Materie und Strahlung (B.Che.1303)

Chemisches Gleichgewicht (B.Che.1304)