Current members of the Suhm research group

Contact details

Taija Fischer

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: tfische1[at]

Taija Fischer is doing PhD thesis research on environmental effects in supersonic jet expansions

Beppo Hartwig

Phone: +49 551 39-66397
E-Mail: bhartwi[at]

Beppo Hartwig is doing postdoctoral research on chirality recognition for quantum chemistry benchmarking purposes

Manuel Lange

Phone: +49 551 39-14322
E-Mail: mlange6[at]

Manuel Lange is doing PhD thesis research on chirality induction and London dispersion control

Petra Lawecki

Phone: +49 551 39-33112
E-Mail: pendler[at]

Petra Lawecki is our part-time group secretary

Dr. Nils Lüttschwager

Phone: +49 551 39-33114
E-Mail: nluetts[at]

Nils Lüttschwager is a permanent staff member organizing much of the advanced practical course in physical chemistry and supporting our research

Eaindra Lwin

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: eaindra.lwin[at]

Eaindra Lwin is doing PhD research on hydrates and warm supersonic expansions

Sophie Schweer

Phone: +49 551 39-12681
E-Mail: s.schweer[at]

Sophie Schweer is doing PhD thesis research on the dynamics of acid-alcohol clusters

Elisabeth Sennert

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: esenner1[at]

Elisabeth Sennert is doing PhD thesis research on halogenation effects in protic solvation

Professor Dr. Martin Suhm

Head of the group
Phone: +49 551 39-33111
E-Mail: msuhm[at]

Professor Dr. Thomas Zeuch

Phone: +49 551 39-33126
E-Mail: tzeuch1[at]

Thomas Zeuch is a permanent staff member doing much of the teacher training in physical chemistry and carrying out independent molecular beam and kinetics research

Dr. Charlotte Zimmermann

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: czimmer2[at]

Charlotte Zimmermann is doing postdoctoral research on dispersion control in intermolecular energy balances