Control of London dispersion interactions in molecular chemistry

This unique DFG-funded priority program runs from 2015 to 2021. The idea is that theory, spectroscopy and synthesis activities in Germany and beyond are brought together to develop rational design principles which utilize dispersion interactions in the construction of new (supra)molecular structures. Our main contribution is to supply linear spectroscopy tools to develop chemically tuned intermolecular energy balances [160], often teaming up with microwave and UV/IR spectroscopy groups [151, 157]. Our work on alkane folding [124] as part of a DFG-funded research training group (GRK 782) got us motivated for this project. In the first funding period, Jonas Altnöder, Anja Poblotzki and Hannes Gottschalk have contributed importantly [148, 152]. In the second funding period, we will concentrate on carbonyl balances [160] and international blind challenges [152, 162]. Feel free to contact us via msuhm[at] if you want to contribute.

Methanol/Anisol cluster
Example of an energy balance: A methanol/anisole cluster. The preferred methanol docking site—the π system or oxygen— is sensitive to methylation of the aromatic ring [148].