History of Experimental Physical Chemistry courses

  • July 2016: AFM and STM experiments
  • 2015/2016: TPD experiment
  • December 2013: Frequency counter, vacuum pumps, pressure sensors (purchased from tuition fees)
  • January 2013: New Bruker Tensor 27 FTIR spectrometer (resolution 0.5 cm-1)
  • December 2010: New polarimeter for time-resolved experiments
  • Juli 2010: New Nd:YAG/SHG laser and CCD camera for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy
  • January 2009: New digital 600 MHz oscilloscope (photograph), N2 laser, digital Gouy balance (all purchased from tuition fees)
  • July 2008: Donation of a used SEM-EDX system (scanning electron microscope with energy-dispersed x-ray spectroscopy for chemical analysis)
  • October 2007: New UV/Vis spectrometer (purchased from tuition fees)
  • August 2007: Four new computers (purchased from tuition fees)
  • July 2004: Participation in the virtual university Stud.IP
  • January 2003: Donation of a used Bruker IFS48 FTIR spectrometer
  • December 2001: New equipment for laser Raman spectroscopy experiment: spectrograph with CCD camera
  • April 2001: XLAB (see below)
  • May 2000: Research abroad (ERASMUS)
    A limited number of particularly motivated participants will have the opportunity to perform the Praktikum im Arbeitskreis abroad, in collaboration with research groups at a number of european universities taking part in the ERASMUS program. In order to make the necessary arrangements, early planning is a must (about one year in advance). It is highly recommended to arrange for a combination of organic chemistry and physical chemistry at the same location. Contact: Prof. M. Suhm, Dr. U. Schmitt, Dr. M. Lau (ERASMUS advisor for chemistry).
  • March 1999: Praktikum im Arbeitskreis: Ab Sommersemester 1999 kann eine begrenzte Zahl von Zweiergruppen 4 von 14 Versuchstagen (2 Wochen) am Ende des Blockpraktikums durch eine zweiwöchige Projekt-Mitarbeit in einer Arbeitsgruppe am Institut ersetzen. Projektangebote werden zu Beginn des Praktikums ausgehängt. Die Ergebnisse sollen in einem ausführlichen Versuchsbericht beschrieben und in einem Vortrag (2×20 min) im Rahmen des Gesamtpraktikums vorgestellt werden.
  • July 1998: In order to train english language skills, every participant will have to write up at least one report in English.